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House of Hope Sober Living

Safety. Structure. Love.

House of Hope Sober Living works with adults looking to build a strong foundation in sobriety.

Our sober living homes provide a nurturing environment for adults to begin their journey to recovery. We promote healthy living and positive lifestyles in a safe and compassionate environment. We are located in the heart of San Pedro and close to recreational parks and beaches, the ports and businesses for jobs, schools and universities to further education, and centrally located between Los Angeles and Long Beach. Our location supports our strong independent living program to provide a balance for your recovery.

The homes are built around independent living, expecting the residents to have goal-oriented lifestyles, whether that means going back to school, continuing to work, beginning their careers or even furthering their treatment. We believe in teaching responsibility, whether it comes down to keeping personal areas clean or attending meals together. There are also weekly community meetings where we can address issues, set goals, voice concerns and have needs addressed. We also follow-up and check the progress of these goals, making sure that they are on their way to being attained!

House of Hope provides a safe, clean and sober, nurturing environment for those struggling with substance abuse. Our mission is to help residents regain their dignity and learn how to live without alcohol and drugs. We at House of Hope know that substance abuse, the interactive disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, can never be cured. We know that the disease can be arrested, given time with an encouraging environment, educational tools, knowledgeable support groups and, most importantly, the sincere desire to change ones life.



With COVID-19 changing our daily lives towards more isolation, more people are struggling to get and stay sober. Struggles with substance abuse disorder have increased. Loneliness is accompanying today’s reality. Now is the time to get the support you need. We are open and here for you. Call us today to learn about how we are providing a safe and secure environment to get and stay sober together.